35 Unintimidating Ways to Create Your Best Year Yet

New year, new you! Most of us already have a few resolutions in mind by the end of December. We get excited about the possibility for our best year yet and reflect on what changes we want to make. Then what? About 80% of resolutions made for the new year are abandoned within the first month.

Maybe the reasoning behind this is that we choose goals that are too daunting. When a goal is so big and you’re only looking at the end result it begins to seem unachievable. By week three or four your throwing in the towel because you aren’t seeing results fast enough. Then you probably go back to the same habits and life you were living in the prior year.

If you really want to change your life and make this your best year yet try some less intimidating goals. Making a few small changes can have a huge snowball effect on every aspect of your life. Once you start to see these small positive changes it’ll be easier to implement larger goals successfully.

Here are 35 totally doable resolution ideas to kickstart your best year yet!

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1. Set a Sleep Schedule

This one is one of the most valuable on our list. Creating a sleep schedule can change your entire life. You’ll have more energy and focus throughout the day to accomplish anything else you’re working towards. Choose a bedtime and waking time that work best for you and stick to it. Make sure the duration of those times is between 7-8 hours. Clear your bedroom of any distractions like TV or your phone. Watching TV or scrolling your phone to fall asleep are more than likely the number one contributor to your bedtime woes. If you need noise or light to fall asleep try a sound machine or calming music.

2. Limit Screen Time

The Average American spends 7 hours and 11 minutes each day staring at a screen. That’s almost 30% of your day spent in front of a TV, computer or phone. Reading the statistics from this article are a real eye opener. If you need background noise in your home turn on music instead of the TV. Start a hobby if you’re bored instead of picking up your phone.

3. Invest In Yourself

This one doesn’t have to be a big investment. It can be something as simple as taking a class like kick boxing, yoga, self defense, or salsa dancing. What is something you’ve wanted to learn but haven’t made the jump yet? Coursera has hundreds of free classes on so many topics offered by universities all of the world.

4. Cook More Meals at Home

Your resolution to eat healthier this year starts hear. When you cook a meal at home you know exactly what’s going into your food. It’s easier to minimize preservatives and unhealthy ingredients like fatty oils and refined sugar. If you’re not sure where to start try Stanford’s free Introduction to Food & Health course.

5. Purge The Pantry

Go through your pantry and fridge to throw anything that may be expired or doesn’t align with your health goals for the new year. A lot of people who eat healthy still like the taste of junk food. I’m so guilty of this myself.

The difference between someone with a healthy diet and an unhealthy diet is discipline. If you don’t allow those chips into your pantry they won’t be there when your looking for a snack. Instead choose healthier options for snacks like fruit, nuts, and hummus when at the grocery store.

6. Spend More Time Outside

Get some fresh air and vitamin D this year by spending more time outside. Go for a walk in your neighborhood a few times a week or have a picnic in the park on the weekends. This can also help you minimize screen time.

7. Indulge In Something Inspirational

Every week set aside time for inspiration or motivational content. Whether it’s a book or poem that inspires you, or a motivational speech. If you’re not sure where to start try the self development section of your library or TED talks on YouTube. My favorite is this grounding and inspiring speech from Denzel Washington.

8. Meet A Friend For Lunch More Often

Social health is one of the key dimensions of holistic health. Did you know that friendships can actually extend the amount of years in your life?

Your overall survival rate increases by 50% if you have strong social relationships. One study found that more than 80% of centenarians communicate with a friend or family member daily

Elderly Care Alliance

9. Make Saving A Priority

Even if it’s only $25 a month start a savings plan. Open a savings account that gathers interest, or maybe learn to invest in stocks. Take a deep look at your monthly spending, create a budget, and save as much as you can. Your future self will thank you.

10. Get Moving

The term working out can send a rush of negative feelings for many of us. If the thought of working out in a gym or with a personal trainer is a complete turn off for you, simply make a vow to add more movement into your daily like this year.

Take a walk every afternoon, do some yoga at home, or take a bike ride through the park. Working out brings up negative thoughts for many of us because we relate it to something uncomfortable. Whether the discomfort arises on a physical or emotional level, it’s created a limiting belief in your mind towards the idea of fitness in general. The best way to combat limiting beliefs around fitness is to incorporate something you love. Maybe it’s dance or hiking, but find what works best for you and do it more often this year.

11. Laugh More Often

Laughter is an extremely powerful natural medicine. Sharing a laugh with someone has the ability to boost the immune system, relax the body, and releases endorphins among many other benefits. Read more on the full benefits of laughter in this article from HealthGuide.org.

12. Drink More Water

This one is by far the easiest to achieve on the list. Your body cannot function properly without adequate hydration. Need a little assistance or motivation? Spark Hydrate makes a https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1362333&u=3016619&m=89096&urllink=&afftrack=">Hidratesmart water bottle that helps you track water consumption through an app. It’s great for those with busy schedules who have trouble keeping track of hydration.

13. Find A Hobby You Love

Hobbies can be great for mental health. They get us out of the idle state and into mindfulness. Also, you never know what doors might open when finding a hobby you love. It might even turn into a lucrative side business. Win-Win!

14. Begin A Wellness Journal

Starting a wellness journal is a great way to gain more self awareness in so many aspects of your life. A wellness journal can be a place where you simply write down your thoughts at the end of the day or a place to show gratitude during your morning routine.

15. Forgive Yourself

This is a tough one. It can be a scary task to try and forgive ourselves. Is there something that you’ve been holding over your own head for a while? Maybe a regret you have or something you’re not particularly proud of from your past? It’s time to forgive yourself. You are a different person now and the past is behind you. If there is someone in your life that keeps dangling this in front of you it may be time to evaluate the relationship and cut them loose.

Consider seeking therapy if you’re having trouble forgiving yourself. It’s truly a liberating experience to let things go and allow healing to take place. You deserve this one.

16. Create A Self-Care Routine

Many of us have been under the misconception that it’s selfish to take care of ourselves first. We can effectively show up for everyone we love in life when we show up for ourselves first. You can’t expect to give the best attention and care when you are depleted. Creating a self care routine for the week can help you stay on top.

It doesn’t have to be expensive for elaborate. Something as simple as a salt bath with oils every Sunday and a face mask every Wednesday can work wonders for rejuvenation. The key is that you’re spending time to take care of you at least a few times a week.

17. Practice Saying ‘No’

Take inventory of the time you are giving to others. Is it exhausting your energy or rejuvenating your spirit? If you’re feeling burn-out in your life it’s probably time to set some boundaries. Saying no when something is not in the best interest of your physical or mental health does not make you a bitch. It might take some time for others to adjust, but it’s what’s best for our overall health sometimes.

18. Create A Cleaning Schedule

Maybe not your favorite resolution? Creating a weekly cleaning schedule can help you free up more time on the weekends. Instead of spending hours cleaning the entire house in one day try stretching it out by doing one or two tasks daily. You’ll spend about fifteen to twenty minutes a day cleaning instead of three hours on the weekend.

19. Wake Up An Hour Earlier

The idea of sleeping in a little longer might seem like a good way to start your day, but rushing through your morning to make it to work on time can be stressful. If you’re waking up with just enough time to throw on some clothes and grab a coffee on your way out the door you might benefit from this one.

Easing into your day with an extra hour to do things for yourself before rushing off to work for the man can help you feel like this day is for you, not just work. By creating a morning routine with reflection and a moment of calm you are taking back some control of your life Monday through Friday.

20. Purge Your Closet

You probably have some items in your closet that haven’t been touched in a least a year. Why are you hanging on to them? Getting rid of clutter can create the feeling of a weight has been lifted in your life. Cluttered areas in your home can create an overwhelming feeling of stress.

Try getting rid of anything that no longer resonates with your or that you haven’t worn /used in the last 12 months. There are probably some local shelters in your area that could really use the donation too.

21. Volunteer For A Cause You’re Passionate About

Your time is just as valuable as your money when it comes to donating for a cause in which your passionate. Even if you can only devote one day this year or maybe one day every six months. We all have something to give or offer this world.

22. Meal Prep Your Lunch

If your goal is to eat healthier this year start with lunch. The most tempting time to eat out or break nutrition goals is when you are away from home. A weekly meal prep plan can help you stay on track and save money. Every Sunday make your lunches for the week and package them up so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning before work. Pinterest has some great ideas for meal prep lunches to keep things exciting.

23. Consider Therapy

Therapy is for everyone! You don’t have to be struggling with a mental illness or a tragic life event to gain the benefits of therapy. It’s so liberating to get whatever you have in your mind out while gaining guidance and insight from an unbiased party.

Yes, talking to your best friend, mother or partner can be therapeutic but they aren’t unbiased. Book an appointment with a therapist today, you’ll thank yourself later.

24. Listen To More Music

Music is just plain good for the soul. It’s therapeutic, inspiring, and healing. Did you know sound has been used as a form of alternative medicine for hundreds of years? Broaden your playlist this year and limit screen time by turning off the TV and turning up the tunes.

25. Invest In A Skincare Routine

There are some pretty expensive skincare routines out there making it intimidating to your budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune on skincare though. A simple cleanser, exfoliator, eye cream and moisturizer will do. If you’re not sure where to start read my previous post on How to Maintain Youthful Skin Naturally.

26. Make Your Bed Every Morning

It doesn’t have to be made perfect like you’re staying at the Plaza, but making your bed first thing in the morning helps you feel like you’ve accomplished your first task of the day. This can get your mindset ready for the day ahead creating a snowball effect to accomplish whatever the day throws at you. Also, who doesn’t love getting into a freshly made bed every night?

27. Practice Random Acts Of Kindness

This one is good for the soul and good for others! There is a lot going on in the world sometimes making it hard to remember the goodness in humanity. Kindness is underestimated at times, but it can truly change the world. When you are kind, or someone witnesses your kindness it can spark something in them to choose kindness too. We change the world, by how we treat each other.

28. Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection

If you’re religious this might look like spending time in prayer each day or finding time each day to read a devotional. Strengthening your spiritual health doesn’t have to be religious. If you don’t consider yourself religious you can strengthen your spiritual connection by spending time in nature or with animals.

29. Indulge In The Arts

Support your local art museum, theater, ballet, or symphony this year by buying a ticket to an exhibit or show. Swap out a night of binge watching for a live event. Supporting local artists makes for a great date night and enhances culture in your life.

30. Take A Camping Trip

Spending a night or two in the wilderness is an incredible way to get grounded and reconnect with the Earth. Camping can also help you slow down and reflect on the truly important parts of life.

31. Express Gratitude Daily

It’s easy to get caught up in the things that might be frustrating us or aren’t going our way throughout the day. Taking a moment to express gratitude for at least three things in life each day helps to reveal how blessed we are. I like to do this exercise first thing in the morning and right before bed to end and begin my day on a thankful, positive note.

32. Learn Something New

What have you been wanting to learn but haven’t made the plunge towards yet? Maybe a new language or how to make pottery. What ever it may be there’s probably a book, local class, or YouTube tutorial out there for you to learn. Never stop learning, not matter your age.

33. Start A Garden

Gardening is such a grounding experience. With modern technology anyone can garden even if you live in a small urban apartment. Watching your food grow from seed to fruit gives an appreciation for what you consume. If you’re low on space try a microgreen’s garden in your kitchen. Microgreens are a wonderful source of nutrients and grow very fast in small containers.

34. Support Your Local Farmers Market

Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season is the best way to ensure you’re getting the most nutrients out of your food. The best way to do this is by supporting local farmers at the farmers market in your area. It’s such a communal experience to have a conversation with the person who grows your food. They are always so happy to answer any questions you may have or offer any recommendations on preparation.

35. Learn One Lost Art

Modern technology is an incredible thing, but it’s putting many of life’s simplicities in danger of becoming lost. Many of the talents our grandparent’s had/ have such as gardening, sewing, woodwork and canning are dying away. Learning these skills were necessities not too long ago, but we in the younger generations have lost touch with the pride of making our own things.

Thankfully our modern world has allowed many daily tasks to become automated or easy to purchase. If we don’t learn these skills and pass them on to future generations they are in danger of becoming extinct.

You don’t have to pressure yourself to accomplish huge goals this year. Making a few small and simple resolutions could create your best year yet. Many of these are designed to help you slow down and appreciate the simple things in life. The most important thing you should do this year above all else is to simply slow down and take care of yourself.

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