A DIY Anti-Aging Facial Oil With Only 3 Organic Ingredients

I’ve been pretty serious about my skincare routine since around 11 years old. I remember watching in pure amazement each night as my mom went through her facial routine. The tiny bottles and tinctures were all so mesmerizing and little me wanted in on this magical ritual.

My mom gifted me with my first skincare kit so we could do our nightly routine together. Of course there were some times in my late teens and twenties where I didn’t always take my makeup off at night, but generally speaking it’s always been a nightly ritual thanks to my mom including me when I was young.

I’ve bought into the mainstream glamor and marketing of the beauty industry and dropped some serious cash on skincare products through the years. Not anymore sister, we got bills to pay! I also became much more weary of certain ingredients when transitioning to a holistic lifestyle. So, creating some of my own skincare products just makes sense. When making your own products you have the assurance that you know exactly what’s going on your skin (and ultimately in your body).

I’m a big fan of using oils as a moisturizer. They sink into my skin instead of sitting on top like a greasy little layer of butter. Even with combination skin, lotion moisturizers just seem to sit on my face making my makeup look shiny verses dewy.

This specific oil is super functional as it can be used in a lighter morning routine and during a more extensive nightly regimen. It’s a blend of two carrier oils with inflammation reducing, hydrating and collagen boosting benefits and a luxurious essential oil blend specifically created to help aging skin.

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The Ingredients

Remember: What goes on the skin ultimately ends up inside the body. It’s important to use high quality organic oils. High quality doesn’t have to mean expensive, but it may cost a few bucks more than lower quality brands.

Rosehip Seed Oil (1 Part)

Rosehip seed oil is becoming on of my favorite carrier oils. It has a rich yet light consistency and seems to give my skin the perfect amount of dew before applying makeup. Aside from being hydrating, it helps to boost the formation of collagen, protect against sun damage, and reduce fine lines.

Sea Buckthorn Oil (1 Part)

Made from the fruit and seeds of sea buckthorn berries, this luminous carrier oil holds a bright orange hue. It’s one of the lesser talked about oils in the beauty world but don’t let that fool you. It just hasn’t fully had it’s moment yet.

Sea Buckthorn Oil is high in vitamin C and E to help heal skin while brightening complexion. This multifunction oil also helps to prevent wrinkles and prevent moisture loss.

Age Defy Essential Oil Blend (5-6 Drops Per Ounce)

If you’ve been following Apramada for a while now you know the only oils I use are from Eden’s Garden. They are not an MLM oil company so their oils are much more affordable, yet still extremely high in quality. All plants used to create the oils are harvested and grown sustainably.

While you could spend an hour researching essential oils for anti-aging, chances are buying multiple EOs for all of your skincare concerns can get pricy. Eden’s Garden has a great oil blend that targets all your aging skin needs. Age Defy contains frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, and rose to create an intoxicating aroma. You only need to use 5-6 drops so the smallest 5ml bottle usually lasts quite a while.

Storing Your Facial Oil

There’s a reason behind those amber glass bottles holding your favorite skincare products and it has nothing to do with packaging design (well maybe a little). Darker bottles help to reduce the deterioration and protect therapeutic properties of oil that can be damaged from sunlight. Using a one ounce amber dropper bottle is the best way to ensure your oil keeps it’s quality in tact.

Multifunctional Uses

If you’re looking to minimize your consumption and adapt a minimalist lifestyle this oil might be the answer. It’s multifunctional working great as a full body moisturizer, hair, and cuticle oil.

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