What Does it Mean to Raise Your Vibration? 8 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Today

You’ve probably heard spiritual gurus talking about raising their vibration a lot in the past few years, but what exactly does that mean? As spirituality has gained mainstream popularity, thanks to social media, it seems like everyone is in search for higher vibrations. If you’re new to the idea and it all seems a little too egotistically woo woo, let me assure you- it’s much more relatable than celebrity gurus make it out to be.

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You don’t need an impressive collection of crystals or a closet full of expensive yoga gear for this journey. Showing up with a curious mind and an open heart are the only things you’ll need to create a truly life changing vibrational experience.

Everything in life is vibration.

Albert Einstein

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Molecules vibrating at different speeds create this energy. The trees, every tissue in your body, and the food you eat all has a vibration. You experience this vibrational energy in your everyday life through intuition. Vibrations ebb and flow together. When you encounter a person or place that makes you feel uncomfortable or eerie your intuition is telling you a vibration might not be matching yours. Likewise when someone or somewhere feels warm, bright or just feels goods, chances are your energy is matching.

Your vibrational field, sometimes referred to as an aura, extends about ten feet out from your physical body. That’s a pretty big personal bubble. Our vibrations are constantly fluctuating based on emotions, what we consume physically and mentally, who we choose to give our energy to, and so much more.

Lower vibrations feel heavy and dark- it’s often accompanied with feelings of sadness, anger, jealousy, apathy, or hate. Higher vibrations are light and associated with blissful feelings of joy, happiness, compassion, empathy, and love. Remember, vibrations are in a constant state of movement. You may have lower vibrational days at times. That’s just life.

How to Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration is all about self-awareness. To raise your vibration you have to be willing to stay in a mindful state in all aspects of your life. Yes, you can preform rituals and carry around crystals to help manipulate energy, but it’s actually much more relatable than mere spirituality. It’s a deeper connection to life- even the most monotonous tasks.


Become self aware of what you consume throughout your day and how these things effect your emotional and mental health. The music you listen to, videos/ TV you’re watching, and media you’re consuming all have a huge impact on your vibration.

Too much social media and news has a way of exposing us to lower vibrations. If you’re starting your day off by scrolling through social media feeds or watching the news try meditating or reading a devotional/ inspirational book instead. Starting your day off with low vibrational exposure effects the rest of your day. Listen to happy high vibrational music on your way to work. Minimize how much tv you’re watching in the evenings, and when you do choose to turn on the tv choose something funny, uplifting, or inspirational.


It’s easy to fixate on the things we don’t have or the things that others have that we long for, but this only creates frustration. Showing up each day with gratitude allows you to recognize how blessed you are in life. Everyone goes through painful periods but there is always something for which you can show gratitude. Even something as simple as a good night’s sleep or a glass of clean water is a true blessing in this life.

Each day try to express gratitude for three things. You’ll eventually start to notice more and more areas of life where you can show gratitude. This practice helps reveal how simply beautiful our lives can be.

Eat High Vibrational Foods

Everything that we consume has a vibration. When it comes to raising your vibration you are quite literally what you eat. When we consume high vibrational foods we become those higher vibrations. Foods like vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and herbs are extremely high energy foods. They are completely derived of the Earth and provide us with the vibrations of mother nature. Drinking natural spring water and herbal teas throughout the day are a great way to keep the energy within your body flowing at a high vibration.

Highly processed foods, junk food and fast food are extremely low in vibration. They lack in vital nutrients and increase your risk for inflammatory diseases. Become aware of how certain foods make you feel after eating them. After a weekend of junk food or a heavily processed meal do you feel energized or exhausted?

Meditation & Breathwork

Meditation is a form of self care. Don’t let the word meditation scare you away from this high vibrational practice. It can seem a little intimidating at first, but meditation in it’s simplest form is about being present in the moment and allowing any thoughts to pass through your mind without judgement.

Breath is the driving force of life. Most of us take advantage of how healing our breath can be. Taking a few mindful, deeply medicinal breaths throughout the day is a great way to raise your vibration during times of stress or frustration. Breathwork can be practiced with or without meditation. If you’re new to meditation try one of my free sound baths on Insight Timer.

Spend Time In Nature

Mother nature is a true healer! Get some fresh air on your lunch break by eating or walking in the park. Take a walk through the neighborhood with a loved one in the evening, or go for a bike ride on the weekend. Take off your shoes and ground yourself in the grass or sand if the elements allow. This practice helps you to align with the healing vibrations of the Earth.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Since our bodies are in a constant state of vibration it’s important to keep the energy free flowing. Movement is vital to overall wellness and helps to prevent stagnant energy within the body. You don’t have to workout for an hour a day, but try to get your blood pumping for at least 20 minutes a day. This could be through exercise, walking, biking, yoga, or even dancing. Dancing is an extremely high vibrational practice. People have been using dance for centuries to connect with higher powers and themselves.

Be Mindful of Your Relationships

The people you choose to surround yourself with have a huge impact on your vibration. A healthy relationship will fill you and the other person up with feelings of love, respect, and compassion. You’ll feel energized and joyful when being around each other. Toxic relationships will leave you feeling drained. There’s a certain heaviness that lingers in the company of unhealthy relationships.

Take an inventory of your current relationships with partners, family, friends, and co-workers. Are there some that need to be revitalized and nurtured a bit more? Sometimes it’s vital to part ways with certain people in your life for the sake of your own health. Nurture the good relationships in your life and consider what steps might be needed for the toxic ones.

Acts of Kindness

Part of our journey on Earth is to be of service and hold compassion for others. Preforming small acts of kindness feels good and provides an instant vibrational boost. This practice is also very contagious. When others witness your kindness to the world it can spark something within them to hold compassion for others. This is how we can truly change the world.

When we see celebrity gurus or spiritual influencers on social media it can seem like they have high vibrations 24/7. It’s important to remember that it’s physically impossible to be high vibes all the time. Try not to compare yourself to someone else’s spiritual journey. We all have days or seasons where lower vibrations may pay us a visit no matter how hard we’re working to attain a higher vibration. That’s just life, and you’re only human. Stay mindful and self-aware. The season will eventually pass.

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