Holistic High Podcast Episode 1: What If I Died?

The thought of starting a podcast has been floating around in my head for years. Honestly the sound of my own voice and talking into a microphone freaked the hell out of me- but here we are! If surface level wellness gurus and perfectly edited yoga posts on social media induce a sudden eye roll we have a lot in common. Holistic living is so much deeper than green smoothies and yoga retreats. In this podcast we hold space for the messy, unscripted, and vulnerable parts of navigating holistic wellness and life in general.

In this first episode I share my personal journey to holistic wellness. It’s a story I haven’t shared with many outside of my therapist, husband, and mother. Our stories are so powerful. It’s taken me a long time to find the voice to share mine, but I hope fate allows it to resonate with someone. Even if it’s just to help one person feel a little less alone in the world. While every episode won’t be a ramble of my past life, I feel that it’s important to share what led me to speak up about holistic wellness though this blog. What started as a storytelling episode ended up being a solo therapy session in my bedroom.

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