5 Herbal Latte Recipes That Make The Best Coffee Replacements

I’m a huge coffee lover. What’s not to love? It lifts you up in the morning to get all the tasks done and it’s filled with antioxidants. As I began to reach thirty I noticed caffeine had a slightly different effect on my body. One cup in the morning still works like a super fuel, but a second cup or even an afternoon cup can make me jittery and restless.

While coffee is a healthy antioxidant filled powerhouse (minus the sugar + heavy cream) it can have some drawbacks that are less than desirable. This is especially true for those who suffer from anxiety or high blood pressure. Overuse of coffee can cause anxiety, nervousness, increased heart rate, and upset stomach.

If you’re someone who’s body might experience negative side effects from coffee an herbal latte makes a great replacement. During times where I’m particularly anxious I try to swap out my morning cup of coffee for an herbal tea or latte. It’s the perfect way to start of the day, and while they may not give the jolt of energy that coffee provides some of these recipes bring on a clean calming energy to start the day.

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Butterfly Pea Flower Latte

If you’re looking for a night time herbal latte or moon milk you have to try this recipe from the Resplendent Kitchen. This latte has a beautiful calming effect thanks to the butterfly pea flower which is packed with antioxidants and is commonly used to help treat insomnia. Throwing in a few rose petals adds an extra boost of tranquility to your evening routine.

Iced Beet Latte

Don’t let beets in beverage form turn you away from this one. I never thought I’d enjoy sipping on a creamy beet beverage but let me assure you, it’s absolutely delicious! This recipe from the Baking Ginger can be served iced or warm for a mid-day boost. Beets are loaded with nutrients like potassium, folate, magnesium, and iron. They help fight inflammation in the body, aid in digestion, help manage blood pressure, and have been shown to hold anti-cancer properties. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy eating beets this may be the perfect alternative for adding this superfood to your diet.

Hibiscus Mint Ginger Latte

This herbal latte recipe from My Tiny Laguna Kitchen is packed with health benefits. The ginger in this recipe is great to settle an upset or nauseous stomach while also aiding in immune support. Hibiscus works wonderful to cool down the body during times of heat exhaustion or hot flashes. This recipe also holds stress relieving power with highly medicinal mint and ashwegandha root.

Cinnamon Vanilla Mushroom Latte

Medicinal mushroom lattes are my favorite option for a caffeine free afternoon pick me up. I used to think I just couldn’t survive the afternoon without my three o’clock cup of coffee. The only problem is it made me jittery in pursuit of getting afternoon tasks done. I finally made the switch to a mushroom based latte and haven’t looked back. This recipe form Food By Mars is the perfect comfort drink to get you through the afternoon without all the jitters.

Lavender Tea Latte

For an evening latte to help settle in for a peaceful sleep this lavender tea latte from New Mind Nutrition is a perfect recipe. Lavender has been used for centuries as a stress and anxiety remedy. I like to add a little cinnamon to mine in the cooler months for extra warmth- it’s also the perfect complement with the sweet floral flavor of this latte.

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