Holistic High Episode 9: Emotional Damage

I know you’ve noticed it…

Why are we all so sad and angry? I believe it comes to down to one major thing. Emotional damage. We’re all in a cycle of suppressing uncomfortable emotions and feelings resulting in a constant state of projections. We’re projecting onto others simultaneously as they’re projecting onto us. We have to get out of this cycle. We have to learn to start processing what we feel when it’s happening instead of shoving that shit so far down that it eventually turns into unhealed trauma.

This Episode Features

  • What Does it Mean to Suppress Emotions?

Avoiding feelings and emotions that are uncomfortable or overwhelming. Maybe in the moment it feels too painful to acknowledge and release.

  • Dangers of Suppressing Emotions
  1. Can how you view yourself
  2. Can alter your relationships
  3. Creates stress, anxiety, or depression
  4. Worsens pre-existing mental illnesses
  5. Long term build up can create unhealed trauma

*Extreme scenarios can result in substance abuse and an increased risk of suicide.

  • Emotional Suppression on an Energetic Level

We discuss the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson and Rose-Lynn Fisher. Find their books here: The Emotion Code & The Topography of Tears

  • Learn How to Recognize When You’re Suppressing Emotions
  1. Feeling numb or disconnected
  2. Having trouble expressing yourself
  3. Experiencing anxiety, irritability, or moodiness
  4. Living in a constant state of fight or flight
  5. Physical symptoms like headaches, body aches, & digestive issues
  • Ways to Stop Suppressing Emotions
  1. Acknowledge what you’re feeling
  2. Practice daily intentional movement
  3. Shadow work
  4. Practice mindfulness in emotional moments
  5. Work through past trauma
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